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The world of the Enforcer Girls

On reflection, I decided it would be best for me to include a little information about the world that my comic is set in. That way, I can make references within it without having to take the time from the story to explain it. I'll do it carefully and well, not slowly, so that you can get the general idea. Allright. The world itself is known as Panoptica . This is a reference to the Panopticon of Jeremy Betham, which was a prison that was designed to keep constant surveillance which was both entire and individual, according to Foucault. Apparently there is also a programme called Panoptica which has nothing to do with my world.

Ok, the world has three political entities, well, nation-states. Kinda. The first is the largest, and is known as the Voslaty Empire. This empire is definately the largest of the three nation-states of Panoptia, includes a large land-mass with various cultures and nations, and is a complete theocracy. This Empire entirely forbids the use of magic, technology beyond a certain point, and also any mutations or vat creatures, reformed or otherwise from Iapetus. We'll get to that. There are some rumours, that there have been large changes. The Emperor has been deposed... There are strange new buildings going up in strategic places... and that's all that has been heard from the Empire. Now, the Free City of Iapetus is more of a city-state than a nation-state. It is a capitalist dream house, where everything goes, anything is bought, and anything is sold, provided you have the gold to back it up. There is a wide variation of people in Iapetus, from human refugees, to native humans, hobbits, Orcs, and then the special people. Of course, remember there are no elves or dwarves in Panopitca, because they were killed out in a war. Anyway, Aside from the normal inhabitants, there are other classes of individuals, Mechani, Reformed, undead, and mutants. Ok, Mechani are people with mechanical implants. Some of these implants get so extreme that their entire body is replaced by mech. Some sentient Mechani are created entirely from scratch. Next, the Reformed, really aren't reformed, but they are creatures grown in vats spliced with different genetic sequences, mainly domestic animals. There are the Felis (cats), Canis (dogs), Equus (horses), et cetera. Well, there are a lot of reformed. In a high-magic, high technological society with few laws of course you're going to have someone make all these hybrids. Of course, they cannot have children. The next are the undead. Iapetus is special in its diversity, and magical pollution areas. People who are unfortunate to die in the wrong place, wake up a zombie, and later a skeleton, though they retain their intellegence. Many Necromancers have played around with intellegent undead as well, because, well, why not? Mutants are created by the high background magics, and you'll know them when you see them.

The United Federation of Scarcorax is a loose federation of city-states primarily made up of wizards. Each city state is based upon a different school of magic. It is a Magocracy, and all wizards hold power. The land between the city states is a massive wasteland full of mutants and Gods know what. Not much is know about Scarcorax, mainly because the wizards like secrets, but one thing is known, that even the most ordinary of citizens have some magic ability. And the incidence of mutation is high because of the very high background magical radiation.

Ok, so there's some information about the world. There will be a larger update, later, when I actually draw the cursed maps.

Marcy out.

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