Enforcer Girls: Cast of Characters

Dyannamika Hruska
Dyannamika is the so-called leader of the enforcergirls. She is very handy with a whip, er, and sword too! Though she is actually some sort of weird pervert, everyone still loves her! She has a dark past, of course..

Kaiya-ko Junnen
Of course, every collections agency should have at least one quiet person who grimly breaks kneecaps with her bare hands. Well, this is Kaiya-ko. She works not for the agency, but for Dyannamika...maybe there's something there. She's very good in hand to hand combat and with a spiked chain.
Iskaruu Marie Natalia Cognito

If it wasn't for Iskaruu, the Enforcer Girls would be totally without style of any type. Style would be her middle name if her initials weren't so perfect.She doesn't understand why Kaiya-ko and Dyannamika don't follow her lead. She is very good with guns, but for non-lethal operations she prefers to use a big club, for some reason...

Keep coming back, this page will be updated some more. We can't forget Connie, Rogex, Ysebael, Ezerti, and more!

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